Sponsor Highlight - Adonay and Kelly Keiser Jones

In January of 2009, during my senior year at Loyola University, I volunteered for a week-long mission trip to Honduras with Global Water Brigades. The trip was life-changing. On our first day, we met all the children of Nuevo Paraíso; they were so happy and welcoming! Despite the language barrier, we played soccer and the children ran around with our cameras taking pictures. The week went by too quickly and I was not ready to leave. At home I contacted FHC, who set me up to sponsor Alexis Adonay Cruz Carranza. Even though I had to physically leave Honduras, FHC has helped me to stay connected. Adonay and I have communicated easily through the years by writing letters. It is very rewarding to know that giving so little can help so much. I am so grateful for all I have learned through my connection with Sociedad and FHC and I am excited to hear more from Adonay as he grows up!
— Kelly Keiser Jones