A Scholarship Success Story: Chuvi Jirosi Martinez

Chuvi Jirosi Martinez (below, left) attended grade school and high school in the rural community of Nuevo Paraíso. His single mother worked very hard to support five children, but she became seriously ill with a brain tumor when Chuvi was in high school. After her hospitalization there was no money left for her children’s continued education. Without financial assistance from FHC and a private donor, Chuvi would have had to quit school after the 9th grade, but instead, he was able to earn his high school diploma and then apply for the FHC scholarship to university. He was awarded the scholarship and successfully earned renewals from 2006 until his graduation from Universidad Tecnologica de Honduras in 2010 with a degree in civil engineering. Chuvi worked for SAN for several years as the manager of their Cielos de Honduras brick factory.  He remains grateful for his education in both the Nuevo Paraíso schools and at the university and is a shining example to SAN’s current children of what hard work and a good education can achieve.