February 2017 Trip Report: Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Indianapolis

In February 15 adults traveled to Honduras with 34 suitcases filled with backpacks, school supplies, clothes, sheets, towels, and toys. 


Here's what we did: 

• provided backpacks and school supplies for more than 200 children

• painted the exterior of two and the interior of one of the Nuevo Paraíso homes

• did an Extreme Home Makeover of Hogar Padre Guillermo

• gave large bags of food to 30 families in the Santa Rita neighborhood of Morocelí

• paid for school uniforms for the Kinder

• bought toys, bottles, diapers and formula for the Nursery

• provided 25 Tias with a dinner out in a restaurant

• visited and donated to the new bilingual school of Omar Rodas, a grown child of SAN


Here's what else we did with the children:

• hosted a Bingo Night for the Nuevo Paraiso teens

• held a Movie Night for the younger Nuevo kids

• brought snacks and backpacks to visits with the children of Pedro Atala

• visited the Santiago Apostol teen boys several evenings with snacks

• played Around-the-World ping pong and shared music with the Santiago teens


The children at Nuevo Paraíso and Pedro Atala are doing very well and growing fast. Consider coming with IHM or FHC on a trip to meet them!


Kathy O'Neil, trip leader