Trip Report: IHM Young Adult/Reunion Mission Trip to Honduras - June 3-10, 2019

7 IHM travelers + 4 joining us in Honduras

Claire DeWeese

Drew Holl

Sarah Kennedy

Annie Klein

Annie O’Neil

Rebecca Stauffer

Kathy O’Neil (leader)

Clare Gaffney (former IHM, now in Florida)

Nathalie Sieh (Clare’s friend)

Sophia Agurcia (Honduran-American niece of Sociedad Amigos de los Niños Director who has joined this group each year)

Ebba (friend of Sophia)

Suitcases of Donations (checked luggage): 15


—Painted interior and exterior of Hogar Agape, a children’s home with 11 kids

—Did extensive Home Makeover of Agape, providing new bedding, towels, pots & pans, dishes, cups, silverware, laundry baskets, bathroom mirrors, shower curtains, shelving units, curtains, appliances and more

—Took 50 bags of food staples to needy families and elderly single people at a very poor parish in nearby city of Morocelí

—Provided shoes for several dozen children at Nuevo Paraiso and children of employees and bought new school shoes for new arrivals at Nuevo

—Bought cake and juice for Quinceañera (15th birthday) Mass and party for Alma

—Donated $200 toward needs of the Transition Homes in Tegucigalpa

—Donated $500 toward needs of Nuevo Paraíso and Santiago Homes

—Donated $500 toward needs of Pedro Atala Homes


—Hosted a movie night for kids ages 10 and under with juice and chips

—Visited Santiago teen boys for a dance party

—Brought a Chinese food dinner to Santiago boys

—Hosted 13 Transition (college-age) students to a lunch at TGIFridays in Tegucigalpa —Walked the Nuevo Paraíso grade-schoolers to school every weekday morning

Total cost/spending: $12,941 (not including airfare).

Support from IHM Outreach (not travelers or other donations): $5,450