Sponsor Highlight - Estelle Huston and Fanny

“I have been vicariously involved with visits to Honduras for years – but only by substitute teaching for Jeanne Hasbrook during her schoolyear visits.  I am not sure what took me so long but I made my maiden trip in December 2015.  I met Fanny on our first night at Nuevo Paraíso.  She and her older sister Ivin helped the ladies on the trip sort all the clothes and goodies we had brought from Indianapolis.  Fanny speaks wonderful English, which made her an anchor for me and my ‘No Español.’  I returned wanting to keep that ‘Honduras’ feeling, and sponsorship of Fanny kept returning to my thoughts.  My husband and I are excited to sponsor Fanny and to watch her mature and grow in the years to come.”
— Estelle Huston

Sponsor Highlight - Adonay and Kelly Keiser Jones

In January of 2009, during my senior year at Loyola University, I volunteered for a week-long mission trip to Honduras with Global Water Brigades. The trip was life-changing. On our first day, we met all the children of Nuevo Paraíso; they were so happy and welcoming! Despite the language barrier, we played soccer and the children ran around with our cameras taking pictures. The week went by too quickly and I was not ready to leave. At home I contacted FHC, who set me up to sponsor Alexis Adonay Cruz Carranza. Even though I had to physically leave Honduras, FHC has helped me to stay connected. Adonay and I have communicated easily through the years by writing letters. It is very rewarding to know that giving so little can help so much. I am so grateful for all I have learned through my connection with Sociedad and FHC and I am excited to hear more from Adonay as he grows up!
— Kelly Keiser Jones