The Plan

Sister Maria Rosa's motto--"Dignity in life comes from working, not from begging"--means that SAN's priorities are not just to rescue children but to give them the tools to earn a living and become self-sufficient adults.

Over the decades, SAN has generated many entrepreneurial micro-businesses, often managed or staffed by its grown children, including several guesthouses for mission travelers, the Maderas Carpentry Workshop, the Mama Coakley Dining Hall at Nuevo Paraiso, the Aurora Cafeteria at Hospital Santa Rosa de Lima, the Tajiricas Plantain Chip Factory and a bakery in the Miraflores neighborhood of Tegucigalpa. FHC worked closely with SAN on the management of the Cielos de Honduras Brick Factory for many years.

FHC raised funds through its 2014 Friends Gala toward a Transition Plan to help SAN high school graduates get started on their paths to adulthood. The plan will include initial financial assistance with living expenses and mentorship in life skills, city survival, and will be tailored to the individual young adult, whether he is attending university or vocational school or looking for a job.