By sponsoring a child you are letting them know they are Loved, Remembered, and Prayed for.

100% of donations go directly to the children. 

Sponsored Child's Name

You can also sponsor the children by check or automatic payment through your bank. Please instruct your bank to send payment to Friends of Honduran Children, Inc. P.O. Box 501213, Indianapolis, IN 46250.

You Can Make A Difference!

All donations go to the direct care of the children, their housing, nutrition, medical needs, and education.

FHC presently administers nearly 300 partial and full sponsorships. 

Our goal, in cooperation with other involved organizations, is 100% sponsorship of every child.  


Partial Sponsorship

$35 per Month
$420 per Year


 7 Partials = 1 Full


$245 per Month
$2,940 per Year



You may choose a child or we can recommend someone who needs sponsors.

We will send you a profile and photos, plus a summer update and Christmas letter from your child. You can send small gifts, photos, or notes to your child at designated times throughout the year as well.


  1. Pay online by credit or debit card using the easy form above.

    Please write the child's name and location.You may also leave it blank and let us select a child for you. 

  2. Automatic payment through your bank monthly (or annually or any interval you choose). Please instruct your bank to send payment to Friends of Honduran Children, Inc. P.O. Box 501213, Indianapolis, IN 46250. Please write the child's name and location in the Memo section of your check. (e.g., "Karla at Nuevo Paraiso")

  3. Send a check to us by mail monthly, quarterly, or annually, using the address above and your child's name in the Memo section.

For more information regarding Sponsorship please contact our Sponsorship Team:            Susan Weber, Lauren O'Connell, Estelle Huston and                           Cecelia McDonnell (Transition Students)

Thank you for the love and care you are showing these wonderful children!

Gracias and Thank You! 

Thanks to your generosity, our online fundraiser raised $16,282 to renovate the Santiago Apostol homes and improve the lives of two dozen Honduran teenage boys! If you missed the chance to contribute, you can still join in this project by clicking to donate on our secure website.


Construction has begun on the expansion and refurbishing of SAN's two homes for young men at Nuevo Paraíso! With proceeds from our FHC online fundraiser this past Spring, SAN will add two new bedrooms and two new baths to Santiago Apostol #2 to accommodate more adolescent boys transitioning into the program. The project also covers new flooring and ceiling work on the other home, Santiago Apostol #1. THANK YOU for your generous help in improving living conditions for these boys!

Please consider sponsoring a child from Sociedad Amigos de los Niños for as little as $35 per month. Many children still need sponsors to support them as they strive toward a hopeful, productive future!